Get Ready to Embrace the Heat

Setup Tutorial

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Step 1

Frame Setup

(01) Each piece of the frame is labeled accordingly. Please lay all pieces out on the floor.

(02) We recommend starting with the bottom base first. Once the bottom of the frame is securely constructed, start by fully unzipping the frame cover.

(03) Place the bottom of the frame inside the bottom of the frame cover.

(05) Once the frame is securely inside the bottom of the cover, finish building the rest of the frame.

(06) Apply medium force if needed to push poles into each tee for a secure fit. You can also refer to the diagram to ensure the poles and tees are in the correct locations.

(07) Fit the cover to the frame: Begin zipping up each side to wrap it around the frame.

(08) Please note, sometimes the zippers get stuck on the inside of the frame, so be cautious when zipping it up.

Step 2

SmartSteam Setup

(09) Next assemble the steam output box (refer to image above): Attach the LONGER tube to the steam output box. Then, screw the connector into the tent. Attach the tube to the connector.

(10) Assemble the SmartSteam unit: Attach the SHORTER tube to the output hole on the lid. Then, attached the end of the tube to the SaunaBox connector. Once fully setup and you are ready to use the SaunaBox, plug the SmartSteam unit into a 110V outlet.

(11) Insert SweatLock Floor Mat: With the logo facing upwards and nearest to the door opening, slide the SweatLock Mat in. it should fit snug on the bottom of the sauna.

(12) Assemble Chair

(13) Lock the lid in place by pushing down and turning it clockwise. It will lock into the grooves.

(14) Fill roughly 4 Liters of distilled or filtered water inside the stainless steel heating chamber. DO NOT put essential oils into the chamber (Refer to page 20 for essential oil use)

step 3

Getting Ready

(15) Turn on SmartSteam unit by pressing the on/off button.

(16) Adjust Heat Level: To begin, start at level 1-5 and slowly increase to level 6 or 7. Level 7 should ONLY be used if sweating cannot be achieved on lower levels.

(17) Adjust Duration: We recommend starting at 20-45min. You can adjust the time and heat at any time by pressing the "+" or "" buttons

(18) Make sure the door is fully shut and zippers are closed. Double check the lid of the steamer is locked in clockwise into the grooves.

(19) Please allow 10-15 minutes for the SaunaBox to heat up and start producing steam.

(20) Once the inside of the SaunaBox is at vour desired temperature. open the door and sit inside to enjoy endless relaxation and rejuvenation.


Safety Precautions

• DO NOT open the lid of the steam while it is in operation and always allow the steamer to cool before cleaning or touching.

• DO NOT touch the SmartSteam unit or the steam dispenser during or after use. They contain boiling water and are EXTREMELY hot.

• NEVER move the steamer while it contains hot liquids.

• While inside the sauna, be cautious of touching the steam dispenser - It is extremely hot.

• Once you have completed your session, exit the sauna.

• Always unplug the SmartSteam unit from the wall after use.

• For sanitary reasons, we recommend you clean the sauna between each session (Refer to next page for cleaning instructions)

• CAUTION: After use, the SmartSteam unit and the steam output box will be extremely hot.

• Leave the SaunaBox door open to air out completely.

How To

Clean Your SaunaBox

How to use

Essential Oils

  • Open up the top of the Steam Dispenser found inside of the Sauna Box. Do not put essential oils in SmartSteam chamber.
  • CAUTION: Do not touch dispenser if sauna is in use or after sauna use. EXTREMELY HOT.
  • Place 4-10 drops of an essential oil of your preference inside the steam dispenser.
  • Clean out steam dispenser after each use.
  • Enjoy!

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